A month has passed and I have been trying to move forward like a moth travelling to distant moon! Approximately, 1.2 months ago my motherboard failed and it took almost a month to replace. During this period when I had no access to a computer, I tried to improve certain aspects of my life like a moth. They are:

*One arm push up … done

*Social stuff … failed

*L-sit … done

*Tackle college-crap … almost done

*College project … failed

I also certainly feel that all educational institutions impart more than enough trouble(multiply that by 6) during holidays. I think holidays AREN’T MEANT TO BE!

Anyways, when I was away Android 7.0 released and I shall try my best to learn porting ‘N’ to my beloved phone. Also, I’m now keeping a track of my kernel for my phone. No need to stay dependent on others to improvise stuff.