I never got the chance to express my views on my favourite Anime. I’ve watched it since kid and if my math is right, I’ve been watching Anime for 9 years now. I started reading manga as soon as I discovered about it. Every thursday, I would wait for manga and episode to be released. Though episodes were too far back, I loved watching it, since it contained the OSTs and I love them.

Though, I started losing my interest after Jiraiya Arc. The creator of the series decided he should be killed since he is so strong. And it’s bullshit as always. I really like the relationship between the mentor and his student, and I probably wanted one too. I got this just this year, and this paved ways to the things I never saw before.

The ending, Madara: “My dream was squashed” line was probably too heartbreaking to watch. This only reminds me that villains though twisted, always wanted something for the world in their own way. Madara was a lucky guy, he was revived, but so was his bestfriend (reanimated). In his final breath, Madara had solace from his bestfriend (Hashirama). Indeed a perfect moment of the century in ninja world.

I don’t want to say anything about Naruto though and the story about Naruto vs. Sasuke wasn’t really inspiring in anyways.