*LineageOS for Fusion3

"Peer reviewed development for Fusion3.
* Adrian
* Alex
* Kalpaj(daedroza)
* Markus
* Olivier
* Tetsuo
* Vusal(Chippa_a)"

*NetHunter Kernel for Fusion3

"Based on my original kernel to do illegal stuff."

*CyanogenMod Kernel for Fusion3

"Personal kernel, based on Android Open Source Project and CyanogenMod."

*CyanogenMod-13 for Fusion3

"Unofficial, ROM development for Fusion3."

*Airless Kernel for Fusion3

"Kernel Maintainer for Airless project."

*Tipsy Marshmallow for Sony Xperia ZR

"Official Maintainer for Tipsy Marshmallow."

*EvoMix Kernel for Sony Xperia ZR

"Kernel Maintainer For EvoMix project."

*SlimROMs Lollipop for Sony Xperia ZR

"Porting SlimROMs based on Z."